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“They laughed when I picked up the guitar, until they heard me play!”

“Practice Lab”

“Practice Lab” offers you or your student the opportunity to come to the VGA studio and practice guitar in a controlled environment under my supervision.
I will not be teaching regular lessons during this lab but instead I will be monitoring what each student is doing while they practice their guitar and offering tips on how to improve their practice habits.
There will be times during some of the labs that I will stop everyone in order to demonstrate processes and practices that will be certain to improve your practice habits.
This will be one of the most powerful things you can do to get better on your guitar!

Another very cool aspect of the “Practice Lab” is its flexible schedule.

Students will be able to attend labs on multiple days or different days for any amount of time they choose.
If “Practice Lab” is scheduled for 3 days on a certain week for 2 hours, you (or your student) can come and go as you please. Stay for 30 minutes or 2 hours. Parents have some shopping to do or want to take in a movie with your significant other? Drop off your student and let them practice while you take in a movie and some popcorn!
More details will be coming soon; However, I would like to know if you think you will be interested in this program.

Please send me an email with “Practice Lab” in the subject and let me know your interested in finding out more.