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Testimonials from Our Students

Ed Gawlik

In this video testimonial student Ed Gawlik discusses how his lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy helped take his guitar playing skills to a new level while also providing the solutions he needed while in the studio recording songs for his band’s new CD. There is a full video of Ed’s band, “Pillar of Autumn”, performing a song from their new CD at the end of this video. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Andre Cardenas

Here’s a video testimonial of a student not only discussing how he was able to take his playing to new heights and implement his new skills into his playing, he also demonstrates it. Andre Cardenas is a very talented musician and here he also talks about how his lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy covered many other aspects of music and performing in addition to teaching guitar playing skills.

Jay Sarkar

A video testimonial from Jay where he talks about graduating from Guitar Hero to the real thing.

Laura Milley-Pear

Student parent, Laura Milley-Pear talks about her experience with the lessons her 2 sons have had at Vivrette Guitar Academy.

Sarah Braunstein

Listen to Sarah describe how lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy is helping her get to the next level in her musical journey.

Dawn Johnson

Dawn Johnson’s son, Kevin, started lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy when he was 8 years old. Kevin has made great progress and loves guitar. Great job Kevin! You can here the incredible progress that Kevin has made here.

Aaron & Adam Milley

Listen to brothers Aaron & Adam Milley discuss their experience with lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy. Guitar is a fantastic and fun instrument for people of all ages. But I really get a kick out of seeing kids and teens explain why they wanted to start playing guitar. Reminds me of the feelings and dreams I had when I was starting out as a 12 year old! Keep up the good work Adam & Aaron!

Ryan Christman

Ryan Christman is a very talented singer and songwriter. His approach to learning guitar is more from a song writer’s perspective than from someone trying to master the guitar. As a result, the lesson plan I developed to help Ryan achieve his goals included not only music theory and guitar technique, but also songwriting, application, recording techniques and more. I am always thrilled to hear how Ryan is applying what he is learning to real world songwriting and musicianship! Listen as Ryan discusses his experience with lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy!

Erin Jesson

guitar-student-erinJeff has been such a wonderful teacher! This is my first time taking guitar lessons and his patience and understanding are a blessing. He seems to always come up with ways to help me work through new techniques or songs. I always look forward to going to my lesson every week because I know I will leave feeling inspired and determined, even when I get discouraged. I have a busy schedule and he is always willing to work with me to figure out a good time to practice.

When I first came to Jeff, I didn’t know what to expect. I have never played an instrument before; I was simply passionate about music. In my first conversation with him I knew he shared that passion. He has made me feel like I am a real guitar player and my goals are attainable, which is a miracle in itself! I am very grateful to have found such a sincere teacher.

Adam Winters

guitar-student-adamWhen I first bought my guitar, I had lofty aspirations of playing my favorite songs within months of my purchase. I bought a “Teach Yourself Guitar” book and CD, I think I made it 1 month before I got frustrated with my lack of progress and the guitar began collecting dust for the next 7 years. After threatening to add the guitar to the next garage sale, I got the ultimatum from my wife to either take lessons or it was gone. For my birthday this past February, she got me an introductory lesson from Jeff.

Jeff is great at working with beginning guitar players, especially ones with little musical background like me. During the first few lessons, Jeff tailors your future lesson plans specifically to your goals and when you want to reach them, and how much practice time you can put in. As a professional with a demanding full-time job and a father of two, I can’t practice everyday, so he designed goals and plans that I can work with.

Jeff is great at breaking things down and identifying problems, fixing them, and explaining why. His technique of positive reinforcement, tying in examples of subjects or sports I’m more familiar with to help with practice, and goal-setting, has really made the process fun. After each lesson, I’m provided with areas of focus for the upcoming practices. At the next lesson, we review those areas of concentration, make adjustments, and add new ones. I’ve been amazed with my progression so far.

It’s without hesitation I recommend Jeff as a guitar teacher. His teaching methods and plans have really worked well for me, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with your progress as I am!