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Studio Remodel – May Update – Week 4

May 7th, 2012 by Jeff Vivrette

Studio Monitor System Upgrade

Quite a delay between week #3 & 4 I know. Sorry for that but things have been very busy. Before we finalize the acoustic treatment early reflection panel locations and installation, we need to work on tweaking our listening position.

I didn’t want to get too far into this without my new monitor system but now that I have received my new monitor system we can get back to work!

Having a good monitor system that gives you an accurate representation of what you are hearing and mixing is critical to having good mixes that “travel”. You could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on equipment and still end up with terrible mixes. The most important pieces of the puzzle also happen to be the least exciting as far as being a musician goes.

“Acoustic Treatment” & “Monitor Systems”.

Unfortunately, these are unavoidable if you want to get good mixes that sound good not only in the studio but even more important, where you (the listener) listen to the songs. This is what we mean by having a mix that “travels”. It’s got to sound good in your car, on your iPod, at your house…. wherever YOU listen to the music.

This week I’m setting up my new “Blue Sky – Pro Desk” monitor system. This system came highly recommended to me by Mike Senior. Mike is an award-winning engineer and “Sound On Sound” magazine author who also runs Cambridge Music Technology. I contacted Mike while reading his book, “Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio” and he was so kind as to respond to my questions on getting the best results from my studio.

I have the utmost confidence in Mike’s advice. Now it’s up to me to put his advice and what I am learning from his book into action!

I’ll be building monitor stands to get the monitors of my desk and I hope to have them completed this upcoming weekend.

I can’t wait to get this completed so I can begin working on some projects that were planned start in March. I am certain it will have been worth the wait to be able to hear what I am doing with accuracy.

New Blue Sky monitor system waiting to be unboxed and set up

Not much but that’s it for week 4. Next week I’ll show you how we’re building monitor stands!

See you again soon!