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Studio Remodel – February Update – Week 3

February 29th, 2012 by Jeff Vivrette

Installing Acoustic Panels

Sorry that I am a little late with my week #3 studio update but for good reason. We have made massive progress and have all of the “Bass Traps” built and installed and all of the High Frequency Absorber Panels” built with all but 5 installed!

We still need to build five 2’x2’x2″ HF Panels for the ceiling and install the remaining 5 HF panels. I need to fine tune my listening position before attaching these to the walls and ceiling.

Before doing that I am going to build my monitor stands. Thats what my focus will be on this weekend.

I’ve got some pictures of the installed panels as well as some more pictures of the panels going through the construction process.

I can say that I notice a major improvement in the studio’s sound. The bass is much tighter and controlled and the reflections (or echo I guess) is much more controlled.

I can’t wait to get this completed so I can begin working on some projects that are planned starting in March!

Untrimmed bass traps stacked and waiting to be wrapped with fabric

Gluing 2″ thick panels of rigid fiberglass together.

Plastic corner bead cut and ready to use as front face corners. This gives the panels a nice, crisp edge.

High Frequency Absorbers stacked and waiting to be wrapped in fabric.

Some Bass Trap’s and High Frequency Absorbers finished and installed in the studio

That’s it for week 3. Next week I’ll show you how we’re building monitor stands!

See you again soon!