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Studio Remodel – February Update – Week 2

February 15th, 2012 by Jeff Vivrette

Building Acoustic Panels – Bass Traps

We are building the acoustic panels and are focsing on the “Bass Traps”. These thick panels use 3 – 2″ rigid fiberglass panels that are glued together, put on a frame and wrapped in fabric.

We have learned the rigid fiberglass panels are shifting on the frames. We have a possible solution that we are testing and hope for a good outcome. The panels are looking great though!

We started by building 2’x4′ frames out of 1″x3″ pine.

Next we covered the frames in muslin fabric. This is to act as the backing fabric.

With the frames and muslin complete we glue 3 sheets of rigid fiberglass together and to the frame.

Then we flip them over and glue a thin layer of Kraft paper to the face of the panel. This reflects high frequencies and improves lower frequency absorption. We also glued trimmed plastic corner beads so the face has nice crisp corners when covered with fabric.

We then cover the face and sides of the panel with fabric and staple it to the back of the wodden frame

Here is one of the Bass Traps installed in a vertical corner. This may be lifted up about 6″ once were done though.

That’s it for week 2. Next week I’ll show you some of the 2″ thick High Frequency Panels and some more Bass Traps installed.

See you again soon!