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How good would it feel if you were able to get help with the thing about your guitar playing that is bothering you the most?

You don’t have to look anywhere else. I want to help you!

The solution to your guitar playing problems is right here and it will not cost you anything to get started.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I want to listen to what your problems are and take you by the hand to guide you every step of the way to get past whatever problem you are having.

When I first bought my guitar, I had lofty aspirations of playing my favorite songs within months of my purchase. I bought a “Teach Yourself Guitar” book and CD, I think I made it 1 month before I got frustrated with my lack of progress and the guitar began collecting dust for the next 7 years…….

Jeff is great at working with beginning guitar players, especially ones with little musical background like me. During the first few lessons, Jeff tailors your future lesson plans specifically to your goals and when you want to reach them, and how much practice time you can put in……..

Jeff is great at breaking things down and identifying problems, fixing them, and explaining why. His technique of positive reinforcement, tying in examples of subjects or sports I’m more familiar with to help with practice, and goal-setting, has really made the process fun…….

I’ve been amazed with my progression so far………

It’s without hesitation I recommend Jeff as a guitar teacher. His teaching methods and plans have really worked well for me, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with your progress as I am!

– Adam Winters

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider
Guitar Lessons at Vivrette Guitar Academy!

#1 You Will Get Results and Learn To Play Guitar

#2 You Will Save A LOT of Time

#3 You Will Save A LOT of Money

#4 I will guide you and mentor you every step along the way!

“… he was really involved and wanted me to succeed and progress and be very good at the guitar”.

“… I’ve actually become better than I thought I would be 1 year in”.

“I would definitely recommend Jeff and actually I have recommended one of my friends to him before”.

“The lessons were fun and I noticed stuff right off the bat that I was doing wrong that he pointed out right from the first lesson….”

“The reason I decided to go with Jeff as far as somebody to get me to the next level was because he had more experience in the area that I was working in.”

“… he did a really good job of pointing out some different exercises that helped me get to the point I wanted to.”

“I would definitely recommend Jeff to any skill level guitar player.”

“….I’m playing songs, I know chords and I’m definitely building a solid foundation for writing my own music too.”

“After the first lesson I was really comfortable with Jeff and really liked the way he was instructing me and so I decided to stick with it.”

“I have most definitely noticed improvements in my playing.”

“I would definitely recommend Jeff to others to take guitar lessons.”

“Jeff is fantastic to work with; I would recommend him to anyone.”

So How Do I Get Started?

I would like for you to tell me a little about yourself, your musical background and your goals. To get started, please answer the first question by clicking on one of the choices below. You will see more questions on the next page.

Do you have any experience at all playing guitar?



Are these lessons for your son, daughter or other child in your life?