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Guitar Playing Tip – Guide Your Way To Some Unique Sounds With “Guide Tones”

August 26th, 2013 by Jeff Vivrette

– Guitar Playing Tip – Guide Your Way To Some Unique Sounds With “Guide Tones”-

Regardless if you play blues style guitar or not, you can add some interesting variety to your solos and melodies by adding or emphasizing the “guide tones” of the chord you are playing over.

Guide Tones are typically the 3rd and 7th scale degree of the chord. These tones bring out the major, minor or dominant tonality of a chord.

In a Dominant chord, the b7 really  brings out that Dominant tonality in the chord.

Try this:

1) Record yourself playing an A7 chord for about 1 minute (or longer if possible)

2) Using the “A Minor Pentatonic” or “A Minor Blues” scale, improvise over the A7 chord and emphasize the b7 note (G) and listen carefully how it helps to bring out the “Dominant” characteristic of the A7 chord being played behind it.

 If you’re not sure what the “A Minor Blues Scale” is or how to play it you can go here to learn just what it is and how to play it.

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