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Getting To The Next Level With Your Guitar Playing

November 23rd, 2010 by Jeff Vivrette

Every so often I find myself wondering how I can get to the next level of where I want to go with my guitar playing or composition skills. Yeah, you read that correctly; even with all of my experience I still wonder how to get to the next level, just like you do.

The journey of getting to where we want to be as a guitar player and musician is a never ending journey. It is a journey that takes us through an ever changing landscape. It is a journey that allows us to experience every emotion we are capable of experiencing as human beings. It is a journey that permits us to experience things that others can not even imagine and that would never have known about had we not decided to follow our hearts desire to be a musician; a guitar player.

As we travel through our journey we find ourselves picking up speed and gaining momentum. As we improve our ability we enjoy the journey even more and as a result, we find ourselves reaching out more and traveling farther to see what is around the next corner or over the next mountain. The better we get, the better we want to get. And the more we want to get better, the more we invest into our journey.

Some of us become consumed by the idea of becoming the guitar player and musician we desire to become.

Some of us become consumed becoming the guitar player and musician we desire to become.

Which category do you fall into?

Quite honestly, I have students that I could place into either category. For some of my students, it’s very obvious to me they really aren’t spending much time practicing their guitar. I know they would love to be able to pick up their guitar and do all of the things they would like to do on their guitar. Otherwise, they would not be taking lessons with me. However, they have note yet moved from “the idea of becoming the guitar player and musician they desire to become” to actually “becoming the guitar player and musician we desire to become”.

Sometimes all it takes is that “Ah-ha moment”, as I like to call it, when they truly see, feel and hear themselves “getting it”. Experiencing that moment in their journey where they can actually see their guitar playing dreams could actually become a reality. They know they still have a ways to go, but they see that it is possible.

Once you experience that “Ah-ha moment”, there is no looking back!

This is where everything changes. You start to look for more time to practice your guitar. You find yourself thinking about music and guitar more and in ways you never thought of before. You begin to see yourself in the future doing the things on your guitar that you want to do. All of this fuels your passion even more and drives you to work even harder.

It is this passion that will propel you towards achieving your dreams and making them become your reality.

I also have student’s that are obviously practicing their guitars quite a bit. They have undoubtedly experienced their own “Ah-ha moment” to some extent.

What makes some experience these life changing moments while other’s do not?
The answer really is simple: Assuming the person really does, in fact, want to learn to play guitar, the answer is….. Practice.

Yep, it’s that simple. Practice.

If you find yourself frustrated because you can’t play guitar the way you want, practice.

If you feel like giving up because you can’t play guitar the way you want, practice.

If you are sick and tired of not being able to write the songs you hear in your head, practice.

If you find that you don’t have time to practice, practice.

Practice is the vehicle that will take you from being frustrated with your guitar to having a blast with your guitar. It will get you past any obstacle you encounter and will empower you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Each time you practice you are getting a little better. Sometimes it’s small steps and sometimes it’s big steps. But is always a step forward.

The better you get, the better you get.

As you get better with your guitar, it actually becomes easier to get better faster. Your technique improves, allowing you to perform things with ease that you couldn’t even imagine doing before. The entire cycle repeats and your momentum picks up. Before you realize it, you become unstoppable and feel empowered to overcome ANY obstacle in your path.

So what do you think I do when I find myself wondering how I can get to the next level of where I want to go with my guitar playing or composition skills?

You got it….. Practice.

So now what are YOU going to do TODAY to get your guitar playing to the next level?

Don’t put it off another minute. Just get your guitar and practice! If you don’t have the time, make the time! There really are no reasons why you can’t, only excuses.

If you need more time, get up 20-30-60 minutes earlier a few days a week and practice your guitar. Turn the TV or Xbox off and practice your guitar. Spend less time texting or on facebook and practice your guitar!

The better you get, the better you’re going get and the more you’re going to want to get better.

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