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Vivrette Guitar Academy Blog

Studio Remodel Update

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been a while since I posted any updates about the Vivrette Guitar Academy Studio remodel. [Read more »]

Guitar Playing Tip – Getting Your Chords To Sound Better

– Guitar Playing Tip – Getting Your Chords To Sound Better –

Many people, especially beginners, have issues with getting some chords to sound good. For example, you may find that you’re having an issue with unintentionally muting strings with your finger.

Well, don’t beat yourself up over this because it is very common and can be addressed fairly easy. [Read more »]

Guitar Playing Tip – Visualize Your Way To Greatness

– Guitar Playing Tip – Visualize Your Way To Greatness –

I’ve recently found myself talking to my students more and more about using “visualization” techniques to help improve their guitar playing. This extremely powerful tool has been used by many of the greatest guitar players in the world to help them reach the level of guitar playing that most people only dream about. You too can use this powerful tool to help you play anything you want on your guitar. But what exactly is “visualization” and how does it relate to learning to play guitar? [Read more »]

Guitar Playing Tip – A Better Way To Play the “G” Major Chord

– Guitar Playing Tip – A Better Way To Play the “G” Major Chord –

Most, if not all, chord books and beginner guitar method books I’ve seen teach beginners to play the “G major” open chord using fingers 1-2-3. There are some very good reasons why this may not be the best way to play this chord I would like to show you why this is so and how you may want to consider playing this chord. Read more!

Getting To The Next Level With Your Guitar Playing

Every so often I find myself wondering how I can get to the next level of where I want to go with my guitar playing or composition skills. Yeah, you read that correctly; even with all of my experience I still wonder how to get to the next level, just like you do. Read more!

Em Pentatonic Lesson Snack

Video 1 of 4

There is much more to this lesson including 3 more video’s and 2 full jam tracks complete with drums and bass guitar! Plus complete tab and diagrams showing you exactly how to play the scales discussed in this lesson.

If you are a current student, then congratulation’s! You will be receiving this lesson, in it’s entirety in future lessons! [Read more »]

Earn Cash at VGA – Referall Program

How would you like to earn $$$ at Vivrette Guitar Academy?

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true!

I will pay you $50 cash for every person you refer to me that signs up for guitar lessons for a minimum of 2 month’s!! [Read more »]

Vivrette Guitar Academy Studio Move is Complete!

I am very happy to announce that we have completed our move! All visitors to the new studio will notice an immediate improvement. There are many exciting plans that will make this an even better learning experience for my students.

I would like to thank all of my students for your patience during the transition.

Stay tuned for updates!

If you are considering guitar lessons, there has never been a better time!

Click here to find out more about the many exciting programs being offered at Vivrette Guitar Academy and how you can start your journey towards learning how to play guitar!

VGA Location Change Update

Moving is never fun and this time was no different. The move to VGA’s temporary residence, while the final phase of the move is completed, took a little longer than expected.

I’m hoping this takes about a month to complete and then I’ll be moving to my new studio!

No worries though, everything is fully operational and classes are back in full swing.

I look forward to bringing you up to date as the move date to the new studio is finalized.

Guitar Playing Tips for April 2010

Welcome to my guitar playing tips for April 2010!
Each month I will be providing you some guitar playing tips that will help you become a better guitar player.  Although the tips may be short, they are very powerful and I strongly encourage you to read them over several times and begin using them.
Let’s get started!

Guitar Playing Tip #1 – “Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Time – Being Organized”


One of the best ways to see your progress increase faster is to stay organized. But what does it mean to stay organized?   Read more!