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Play Guitar to Eliminate Stress and Improve Your Health

Yes, you heard me right. Playing guitar is one of the best ways to eliminate stress. Studies have shown that “mindfulness” is one of the most effective tools to help eliminate stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is essentially “being in the moment” – Focusing on what is happening at this very moment in time.

When you’re “in the moment” you’re not thinking about yesterday’s issues or the problems that you know await you tomorrow – which is a primary cause of stress, anxiety, panic disorders, depression and all the physical health problems that are associated with these issues.

Being in the moment doesn’t mean that you are choosing to ignore your problems or responsibilities. Being in the moment provides your mind (and body) with the break it needs to stop worrying and being stuck in a loop of constant thought.

It is a form of meditation.

Mindfulness, even for just brief periods of time during the day, can have a significant, positive impact on your overall mental and physical health. Many times, it can be just the thing you need to stop the cycle of thoughts that are causing you to be overly stressed, anxious and even depressed.

When we play guitar, we get lost in the moment and our minds focus on what is occurring at that very moment. This break in the continual loop of thought playing in our heads is therapeutic and has been proven to be beneficial to our mental and physical health.

If it’s 5 minutes or 60 minutes – it’s beneficial.

The good news is, whether you are a total beginner or someone who has been playing for 30 years, you can experience mindfulness from playing and practicing guitar immediately.

If you live in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Belleville, area and you would like to feel less stressed, less anxious, less depressed and more healthy mentally and physically….. contact me today to schedule an introductory lesson. Mention this article and receive your first lesson for free.
Here’s to better health!

Journey to the Center of Your Tone

“Tone”…… that moving target that we guitarists seem to always be chasing.

Why is it most (if not all) guitarists seem to always chasing their tone; Always on the lookout for some new or old piece of gear that will get them closer to their “Tone”? We spend countless dollars on different guitars, amps and pedals. We experiment with different brands and gauges of strings and different types of picks made from plastic or metal or some other material that claims to bring out the true tone of our instrument.

We settle on a certain combination of “gear” that delivers what we like for a while until one day, something clicks in our “mind” and we think something just isn’t right. Somethings missing and it needs to be found at any and all cost. Even if it means selling all of the equipment we’ve accumulated and starting over.


I guess you could say we guitarists are a little psychotic when it comes to the tone thing.

I have been guilty of this pursuit. I say “have been” like it’s behind me now. Like I don’t still chase the elusive “tone”. MY tone.

The one thing I’ve learned over the yeas is there is no cure for this disease. Our only hope to achieve any real semblance of a normal life is to learn to manage this disease. We must embrace that this is part of our DNA. It’s part of what makes us “us”. It can’t be changed anymore than you can change the nose you were born with. But wait, you can change your nose.

So it’s WORSE than I thought!

No, we must learn to manage this chronic illness. Become the master of our minds and our cravings for this “tone” we so desperately search for in the far reaches of our….. wallets.

Like the ever changing vision a painter has, “tone” is an ever changing entity that can’t be frozen in time and locked down. Not entirely. A painters body of work carries with it a signature that is recognizable in every piece they create. Although an individual painters work may be very similar to thousands of other painters, their work will have a uniqueness to it that is like no others. A charachteristic unique as a fingerprint and there will not be another exactly like it anywhere. Ever!

A guitarists tone also has this uniqueness to it. A characteristic fingerprint that is like no other. Regardless of what brushes, paint, canvas or style is used when the painter is creating a new painting, their personal and unique fingerprint will always be apparent.

So then, how do we take what is unique to each of us, combine it with the equipment we have available to us and get a great tone?

If you would like to learn the answers to this puzzle, contact me right away so I can help you.

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Happy New Year From Vivrette Guitar Academy!

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Guitar Playing Tip – Guide Your Way To Some Unique Sounds With “Guide Tones”

– Guitar Playing Tip – Guide Your Way To Some Unique Sounds With “Guide Tones”-

Regardless if you play blues style guitar or not, you can add some interesting variety to your solos and melodies by adding or emphasizing the “guide tones” of the chord you are playing over.

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Studio Remodel – June Update – Week 5

Studio Monitor Stands and Monitor Isolation

This week we have the monitor system position and the listening position set up according to the design provided by “Ready Acoustics”.

The new monitor stands are complete and are looking great (if I may say so myself) and the monitors are sitting on “Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers” to prevent resonant coupling between the monitor and the stand.
[

Studio Remodel – May Update – Week 4

Studio Monitor System Upgrade

Quite a delay between week #3 & 4 I know. Sorry for that but things have been very busy. Before we finalize the acoustic treatment early reflection panel locations and installation, we need to work on tweaking our listening position.

I didn’t want to get too far into this without my new monitor system but now that I have received my new monitor system we can get back to work!
[

Studio Remodel – February Update – Week 3

Installing Acoustic Panels

Sorry that I am a little late with my week #3 studio update but for good reason. We have made massive progress and have all of the “Bass Traps” built and installed and all of the High Frequency Absorber Panels” built with all but 5 installed!
[

Studio Remodel – February Update – Week 2

Building Acoustic Panels – Bass Traps

We are building the acoustic panels and are focsing on the “Bass Traps”. These thick panels use 3 – 2″ rigid fiberglass panels that are glued together, put on a frame and wrapped in fabric.

We have learned the rigid fiberglass panels are shifting on the frames. We have a possible solution that we are testing and hope for a good outcome. The panels are looking great though!
[

Studio Remodel – February Update – Week 1

Studio Floor

The floor is in and looking good. This is actually a vinyl laminate floor that looks like wood. It even has deep graining. I’m happy with how it turned out. Take a look at some pictures! [Read more »]

Studio Remodel Update

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been a while since I posted any updates about the Vivrette Guitar Academy Studio remodel. [Read more »]